Friday, December 27, 2013

December: Our Cold Molded Custom Designed Catboat Takes Shape

The shop is closed for the holidays and the crew is getting a well-deserved break. The next month will be a huge push to finish two custom orders. The Hurricane Norah is ready for all the hardware. But it's this 20 foot catboat that has consumed the shop for the last month. We'll mark the one-year point in a few days, and the Cranmer's have started their punch list. The Mastervolt 3.5 Ultra will arrive at the very end of January.
All the trim has been installed. The bridge deck interior is nearly complete. There's still a floor for the lithium batteries to install, but not before the plumbing. There's a tendency to start to rush after all this time, but we have to go slow, make lists and be sure we've remembered what gets buried below the floor before it is too late!
The hatch is beautiful and functional; best of both. The louvered washboards are ready for installation after the break.

The cockpit sole has finally been permanently installed, tabbed and marked out for the engine hatch. The seat uprights are tacked in. They still need some trimming. Not having the actual engine to measure from made everything very difficult and we almost boxed ourselves into a serious miscalculation. But that's why I prefer to work as a team. Someone is bound to call out the error. We caught it, fixed it and moved on but not without losing a few days in the process.
January will see even greater progress.

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