Wednesday, December 11, 2013

August: Building a Cold-Molded Custom Designed Catboat: Back on Track

August 2013: Back On Track
These photos show the work completed in July through the first week of August. All the floors have been tabbed in place. Biaxial was used to sheath up to the waterline. There'll be berths and half bulkheads surrounding the bilge so the vote was to minimize more fiberglass work. It will look neater and give the owners the option of clear-coating the strip planking above the berths.

The plywood deck is down and Seth is starting to lay out for the coaming. It's August so there's sailing to be done, customers to take care of on the water, and we're still building the Hurricane!

The bilge needs to be primed and painted. And the owners threw in a curve ball by requesting water tanks below the sole. The walls were already in place but not yet tabbed so Seth was able to move them in order to accommodate two bladders.

The owners were in Maine all summer so any decisions had to be made via email. Visualizing was made easier with photos but nothing takes the place of being there.
By the beginning of September the pace was starting to pick up and we were all getting back into the swing of things.

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