Wednesday, December 11, 2013

April: Building a Cold-Molded Custom Designed Catboat

April 2013: The Hard Work Begins

There's a lot to think about now that the hull is turned right-side up. The deck beams have been laminated off the boat on a jig so they're ready to cut into place. The first step, however, is to grind, sand and fair the inside hull; it's another time-consuming process that requires more tenacity than skill. 

Floors are located and set into place. The cabin bulkhead was tabbed into the hull during the building process so that part is located, eliminating further guesswork or planning.

The anchor locker bulkhead does need to be located, cut and set in place. It's a tiny space but holds the mast step, partner and requires an opening. The deck camber has to be included and from that point we can start to see the actual cabin interior dimensions.

We are miles from designing the interior at this point. And we are about to close this project down; spring commissioning has started in full force!
We have three Classic Cats, one Hurricane and a number of Classic Cat upgrades to build, plus launch everyone else so there's no way we can concentrate on the Cranmer's catboat. It's a good time to stop.

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