Wednesday, December 11, 2013

April: Building a Cold-Molded Custom Designed 20 Foot Catboat: the Big Day Has Come!

April 2013: The Flip
We were finally ready to flip the hull in mid-April. The hull was  primed with a combination of Awlgrip 545 and Hi-Build primer. Interlux 2000E was used below the waterline. The hull looks beautiful, fair and pleasing to the eye. Seth and Brian get everything ready for the turn over. The owners, Mike and Susan Cranmer, help build a turning cradle that allows the hull to slide and turn simultaneously, resulting in a pretty seamless procedure. The video shows it all happening within the span of an hour or less. The anxiety was apparent with some of the crew but in spite of the owners' presence, we were all pretty happy once it was turned upright. 

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