Wednesday, December 11, 2013

November: Building a Cold-Molded Custom Designed 20 Foot Catboat

November 2013: Paint Plus
Now we're getting somewhere! Steve Smith from AkzoNobel worked with Brian and Seth to prep and spray the non-skid on the house roof and deck. We had decided to add a step in the process by taping off where trim was going so there wouldn't be that awful issue with varnish bleeding under the taped non-skid. We had started doing it with the Classic Cat deck but wished we had created it in the mold. Regardless, it makes is so much easier to apply varnish or other finishes without the headache of detailing afterwards.

We're using Awlgrip throughout on this project, for several reasons: durability and compatibility.We know that Awlgrip boasts a 10 year life span, which sounds good on a hull this size, stored outdoors in Maine. There will rarely be an optimum time to paint. The second and most important reason is compatibility: we'd seen the failure of one part paint on a cold-molded hull before, and seen plenty of print-through. It seemed silly to build the boat so conscientiously only to slap on a one part paint as the final finish. Penny wise, pound foolish as my mother would have said.
The deck and house were sprayed first with two coats, then the cabin and coaming were primed. The final coats of Awlgrip white will be sprayed once all the woodwork is complete. She is beginning to look gorgeous!

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