Sunday, March 3, 2013

Strong island Spars

Introducing our new spar division: Strong Island Spars. We have been building superb, hand crafted and intelligently designed and engineered wooden spars for years but until December 2012 we had not resolved the issue of branding. We worked with our marketing guru and the folks at Design Principles, who are responsible for our beautiful web site, PBBS logo and all our marketing materials. The process of designing a logo was grueling. Each revision lead to another discussion and yet another revision. In the end, we are delighted with the outcome. This logo will be branded, literally, on all our spars.

Our marketing efforts have matched our growth as boat builders. We listen to the advice of people who know this stuff, and slowly things start to click, just like building a boat; step by step. In hind sight, it has been worth every step.

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