Saturday, March 26, 2011

Herreshoff Mast Completed

Shaping wooden box section mastWe loaded Pat Fincham's 46 foot mast this morning. Deep Water Transport picked it up at the shop. It is headed to Virginia where it will be finished and rigged for Pat's Herreshoff Nereira ketch. This was one of our fastest spar jobs to date. It is amazing when everything goes according to plan. Doug Ingram and Brian Porter did a superb job over a three week period,part of that time taken up by the Maine Boat Builders Show so I like to think it took less than three weeks. Pat gave us the right information so that I was able to draw good plans that Doug and Brian were then able to follow, without stopping to recalculate! We are continuing to fine tune our leaner, meaner machine that is Pleasant Bay Boat and Spar Company.

Roun bird's mouth mast
Last Monday, Doug and Brian started cutting the staves for a 35 foot flagpole for the Bedford Golf and Tennis Club. By Friday, Seth and Brian had glued it up. Our efficiency has improved and is howing in the time and craftsmanship.

Hull finishIn the meantime, Seth is finishing up Tony Roth's Baybird and Brian is trying to finish up the Classic Cat hull. Both boats look fabulous. You can see more pictures on our Facebook Page.
Soon we'll start a third boat: the 18 foot Hurricane. I'll post pictures on Facebook as that project develops.

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