Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spars and flagpoles

Mast glue upBox section mast glued upThe week is nearly over and Brian and Doug have done a phenomenal job getting Pat Fincham's 46 foot mast finished. They also started on Bedford Golf and Tennis Club's 35 foot flagpole. It'll be glued up tomorrow.
It's been an interesting couple of weeks. We have been in the process of re-evaluating how we work, including the layout of the shops. Working with Bob Elliot of GBMP, the crew has made many smart changes that have increased productivity and general work flow. Every corner of each of the shops has been tackled. In fact, when I returned from the Maine Boat Builders Show on Monday, I found a huge pile left for me to dig through and hopefully throw out...which I did. Some stuff I'd been carrying around for years. If that isn't a metaphor! But it is worth it. The shops are open and refreshing. When I walk through them I can see the organization and flow. The crew seem happy, so we will continue to clear out and reorganize.
I never realized how chaos could affect production. Now I see it first hand.We would have never built a forty six foot mast so efficiently as this last one. I can't wait to see how fast we can build a boat!

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