Thursday, March 17, 2011

Maine Boat Builders Show 2011

March always seems to sneak up on me. All winter the shop has been busy building boats and spars, snug in our warm(ish) cocoon out of the weather and to a small degree off everyones' radar. Our customers have been staying warm in their own way. But March is here. The days are suddenly longer and slightly warmer. Going out to the wood shed is no longer torture. The door has been left open and let air (!) in. Folks are stopping by more often and emailing about launch dates.
Now in mid month, we find ourselves in Portland for the Maine Boat Builders Show.
Not only does it showcase wonderful superbly built boats, but it also marks the beginning of the annual spring commissioning season. The days will fly by from this pint forward, so Portland has come to mean something more than just a boat show. It has become a reprieve of sorts, a celebration or culmination
It is also the chance we all have to gam with eachother, talk about boats and business, and generally share, which is one of the wonderful attributes of boat builders. As much as I dread the madness we are about to experience (spring commissioning), I really do look forward to the show, to the commaradery and hustle/bustle this show brings.
Soon we'll be sailing through another season on the water.
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Maine Boat Builders Show

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